Is business development only sales department’s responsibility ?

Is business development only sales department’s responsibility?

Like the human body, a company works in various processes communicating with different organs to sustain and live ahead. In order to ensure an organization’s smooth flow, executives should understand the interdependence between the different arms and departments working there, thereby ensuring the organization’s brand image is preserved. In order to deliver effective goods to the consumer, each unit within the body should function at equal efficiency.

Business development represents a mixture of different ideas and strategies to ensure a smooth-flowing business. Which includes sales and cash flow maintenance, strategic planning of expansions and other essential business decisions, etc. Therefore, we might conclude that the sales department must be the pioneers of company growth. Well, we can’t fully disregard this fact, since the sales department holds the reins on the steering wheel of the company in terms of revenue generation, but we can’t stick to it completely. The sales department does not monitor the entire flow and there are several other departments that play a vital role in an organisation’s corporate development to balance the scales.

Let’s now examine the different divisions that are under the umbrella of an enterprise, which play an equally important role as the company’s sales department for profit churning:


The marketing role includes the promotions and advertising needed for the product to be established on the market. Marketing does not have a direct interaction with consumers at this stage, but they definitely help to provide the route needed to develop customer relationships. Business analysis and study is a very important area that allows markets and consumers to be analyzed from various angles. To ensure the product is consumer friendly, it requires surveys, questionnaires etc.

In achieving revenue goals, marketing plays a complementary role. The findings and production obtained by the marketing department are directly supplied to the sales department through market research. This allows sales workers to assess the density of the markets, helping them set goals for different regions. This will provide them with various approaches to tackle different regions of the market, helping them to easily interact with the consumer.

In order for a business to have sustainable sales, it should take the right strategic measures to remain competitive. Strategic moves include proposals for market growth, opening of new facilities, strategies for import-export, etc. The marketing department also performs some significant tasks.


In the product lies the brand identity of an organization. The quality of the product sets the organisation’s expectations. Product production requires not only upholding regulatory standards, but also determining the product requirements of the market and fulfilling them. The role of product design and development teams is guided by these criteria, channelled by business strategy. As part of this product development strategy, cost consideration, legal approvals, and regulatory adherence are all evaluated.

The product development team has the critical task of obtaining and incorporating customer insights in the product design. This will allow the company to keep up-to-date with the competition and will also allow them to stay ahead of rivals.


This is the department responsible for driving the business down the right direction, without preventing any accidents. Accounting stability would allow the firm to maintain a healthy balance sheet. In addition to helping to keep the company in the good eyes of the shareholders, successful financial strategies will also help execute plans for more business growth. The finance department is responsible for searching for any obstacles that in any situation can bleed the business, thus tracking the company’s motives in a way.


The sales department has to take care of the needs of the consumer, but their job does not entirely depend on the customer’s ongoing welfare. An company needs an effective customer support department in order to maintain a long and stable relationship with the customer. Their key responsibility lies in maintaining active customer relations and obtaining insights into the product and its quality from the customer. The complaints and input obtained from them are returned to the marketing department, who will evaluate the situation and come up with a solution that best suits the requirements of the consumer. A big inter-dependence is created in this way and we can witness the shared roles played by each of these departments to ensure the preservation of the company’s brand image.


You need talented executives and brains to formulate ideas and place them on the table for good business growth in an organisation. On the shoulders of the HR rests the burden of picking out the best from the market. When you talk about business growth, human resources sounds like something that doesn’t matter so much, but it lays the groundwork for the company to plan out an effective task force. The HR department thus plays a crucial role in matching the organization’s brain and brawn, integrating the strengths and abilities and polishing the employers’ brand.


It is the duty of distribution management to control the movement of products from the supplier or producer to the point of sale. It has the essential responsibility for the transportation and availability of the commodity to communicate with vendors. This is a very critical consideration for business growth to occur, since this is how the brand is related to the consumer. Therefore, logistics management is an important part of the business cycle for dealers, wholesalers and other downstream players, as well as for manufacturers. An successful distribution system churns out the bulk of an organization’s earnings.

While we will continue to address a multitude of other important divisions, our key concern is answered by the above and a fair solution is given as to why the sales department is not exclusively responsible for business growth. An organisation’s smooth running is like weaving a piece of cloth out. The various fibers that are woven together are like various departments that work together to provide the desired performance.

In the corporate sector, the method of business growth still remains complex. At every point, it is changing, with managers cracking their skulls to put in new initiatives and strategies. Such methods never revolve around any single department in an organization and they can only be integrated if everyone puts their share of effort into it. Through this development, we can imagine the distance between these various departments being smaller.

We can conclude with an inspiring quote by the respected Napolean Hill-”Only through continuous effort and struggle can strength and growth come.